Corporate Fundraising Brochure Design – Age UK. Robot Mascot

Get an attractive trifold or bifold brochure design Within 24 hours . Knock me on skype: qketing

University of Suffolk branding editorial brochure layout typography color yellow

Internal layout (section on 1 - programme outcomes, 2 - value of hums and 3 - DHUM foreward)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: how to create cool print effects that mimic overprint poster design

How to Overprint Colors to Create Cool Print Effects

Graphic - Only do what your heart tells you. Overprint poster design - interesting discussion about when and why you would want to choose Overprint over a Multiply layer

layout ideas to help me come up with better ideas on how to set up my double page spread and how to have the text and photos

module design -- the bottom row is cool especially the one with four rectangles in a row with minimal text underneath

Best Infographic Designs for 2016

Our Pick of The Best Infographics from 2015

frédéric fontenoy, metamorphosis, photography, abstract... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

frédéric fontenoy, wonderfull abstract photography of movement, lucious animalstic behaviour captured in near 360 degree shots (text re[d]fine)

I could do this but with photos of words and phrases on my neck for my self portrait of things that are important or things I love.

Text Art: Marker used to write on person to create typography - identity project