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Jumbo Santa Claus Shortbread Cookie • Personalize Text with your own message using the font style, size, and color of your choice • Brought to you by Gina Lee Manley ©gleem

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Required Reading: "Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person"

by Abaki Beck Text: Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person Author: Gina Crosley-Corcoran Quote to Highlight: “Recognizing privilege doesn’t mean suffering guilt or shame for your lot in life. Nobody’s saying that straight, white, middle-class, able-bodied males are all a bunch of assholes who don’t work hard for what they have. Recognizing privilege simply means being aware that some people have to work much harder just to experience the things you take for granted (if…

Bib • Santa Claus • With Text "My First Christmas" • Personalize the text with your own words or just change the font style, size, and color • Gina Lee Manley ©gleem

@ginaserret is one of my most diligent students ever. The other day I noticed that her copy of The ABC Custom Lettering is packed with notes and highlighted text. This is how this book is meant to be. Be like Gina and don't be afraid of writing on the book. Or even better, get two copies and save one clean! #theabcofcustomlettering #student #lettering #calligraphy #workbook #script

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56 Sexy Texts Messages For Men And Women To Get Turned On

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Novel Study Book Club, Purchase Novel Studies in an Bundle and Save Money

Using novels in the classroom shouldn't be difficult or expensive! Great for reading groups and guided reading! New novel studies added weekly! Each novel study includes a pre-reading author background and activity, vocabulary, reading response questions for every chapter, writing activities, research projects, reading response activities, text structure charts and an enrichment project menu!

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Procedure Writing Template : Differentiated : How to plant a seed