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Rummy nose tetra - I really like these but cannot find them in northern Louisiana. Like many fish when they are stressed their colors disappear. This does not help them "sell" in pet stores if people are not familiar with them! The color comes back though once they feel safe.


Fish - Bloodfin tetras. Good beginner fish, should be kept in schools of at least 6. Color foods keep their colors bright.


Serpae tetra - A beautiful, small fish for the freshwater aquarium. I have 2 of these guys. They are very pretty together. I hope to get more and have a school of them.


We select an ideal mix of South American tetras that could easily grace your community tank. Think of a tropical community aquarium and you will more than likely visualise one with tetras. As old as the hobby itself, these jewels of South America and West Africa are perfect for aquarium life as they are easy to keep and undemanding. What’s more, you can keep groups and mix them with other fish to really show them off at their best. We’ve put together a selection of tetras from South ...