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This 2017 Tesla Roadster wonderful futuristic design and functions could be relied to develop into a tricky competitor in globe market. 1 Tesla motor’s foreman

2018 Tesla Roadster Price and Concept

Tesla Motors has announced production of the right-hand-drive version of its iconic Tesla Roadster sports car , the only highway-capable el.

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The Tesla Roadster is the star of electric cars . This sport was one of the first cars electric sports available on the market, and the first model of the brand California Tesla Motors.

2020 Tesla Roadster Price, Specs, News, Release date, Top speed

The 2020 Tesla Roadster was scheduled to release next year, but it has been delayed to be released with the update of the 2017 Model S Sedan.

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ZAP has shown a pre-production version of its three-wheeled, all-electric Alias roadster at the National Automobile Dealers Association annual conference and exposition in New Orleans.

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The 2013 Tesla Roadster - green and gorgeous! Gotta get me an electric car!

2017 Tesla Roadster Specs, Price, Release Date | Best Car Reviews

2017 Tesla Roadster Specs, Price, Release Date

2016 Tesla Roadster Sport

The new 2016 Tesla Roadster is coming soon. New Tesla will combine luxurious style, great tech features and high performance in one car.