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Terry Mcauliffe

FBI Clinton Foundation probe finds 'avalanche' of corruption evidence

Best of friends: Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe with Hillary Clinton as she headlined a fundraiser for the PAC he controls. It then gave $500,000 to the wife of the now FBI deputy director for her own political ambitions

The FIVE FBI cases looking at Hillary Clinton's inner circle

Best of friends: Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe with Hillary Clinton as she headlined a...

Virginia governor denies plea to delay serial killer's execution using drugs from Texas

Terry McAuliffe’s decision on Alfredo Prieto’s fate means only a supreme court intervention will halt state’s first execution in nearly three years

Over 200,000 Virginia felons have voting rights restored after governor's order

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe holds up the order he signed to restore rights to felons in Virginia: ‘Virginia will no longer build barriers to the ballot box, we will break them down.’

Virginia makes progress in push to restore voting rights for ex-convicts

The crowd cheers during Governor Terry McAuliffe’s announcement on the restoration of rights to felons in Virginia, in April.

Obama roasts himself and Republicans at annual Gridiron dinner

Clinton fundraised for PAC, it gave $s to email probe FBI boss's wife

So close: Hillary Clinton headlines a fundraiser for the Common Good VA and walks on stage with Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia governor who controls its cash. That month it started channeling money to Jill McCabe's campaign - #DrainTheSwamp

McAuliffe upbeat about working with Trump, says Clinton is done with politics

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe upbeat about Trump, says Clinton is done with politics. He thinks Virginia could still land FBI headquarters, despite his own close Clinton ties. By Laura Vozzella

As state of Virginia faces drug shortage, Clinton ally Governor Terry McAuliffe has until midnight to decide whether electric chair should again be compulsory method of execution.

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Evangelist and humanitarian Franklin Graham says the governor of Virginia has his priorities backwards. Graham took to Facebook this week to denounce Gov. Terry McAuliffe for promising to veto a pr…