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Ultralight backpacking tents have significantly evolved over the last decade. These new one and a half to two pound (one to two people) tents are a far cry from the five pound tents backpackers have traditionally carried. Their roots stem from transform


Stansport 8 Ft. Push Button Aluminum Tent Pole

8 Ft. Push Button Aluminum Tent Pole


Replace And Repair Tent Poles

Picture of Replace And Repair Tent Poles


How to repair tent pole elastic cord (Re-thread) - The Easy Way

This is my first instructable on how to repair your tent pole elastic cord without getting annoyed or frustrated. All tent poles are bound to fail at some time due to wearing of the elastic bungee cord around the end of the tent pole aperture. So before you even think of throwing the tent away look at this process which allows you to fix them with ease. You can also step to the video here:


20 Ways to Transform Your Reception Space

reception, wrap the columns


Gokstad tent pole heads Scanned from "The Viking-Ship discovered at Gokstad in Norway" by N. Nicolaysen 1882 (now out of copyright)


Our NEW, UNIQUE, portable and versatile Glamp Clamp is an essential piece of equipment for all your Bell Tent pole hanging and pole table ...

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University of Washington Tent Pole Caddy Tray

Washington Huskies Condiment Tray. The Huskies logo in bright colors on all four sides. This caddy offers a functional way to stow all your essential gear in a secure, easy reach whenever you are outside. Features spaces to organize cups, napkins, condiments, snacks and drinks. Caddy comes standard with attachment parts, sizing insert and tightening screws for easy assembly. Fits most tent frames and patio or beach umbrellas. The Washington Pole Caddy is great for the beach, campground, patio or any outdoor activity!

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Details about 4.5m X 11mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Replacement Kit Camping Hiking Equipment

4.5m X 11mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Replacement Kit Camping Hiking Equipment #Unbranded

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