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Interior Obsessions - Relaxed Grey

floating wall..[ I love the idea of interior movable vs permanent walls (being thermal) ..need to integrate in design ]


For years, renters have used temporary walls to subdivide apartments into affordable slices for roommates. But due to a fire-safety-related crackdown by the city, many management companies and landlords no longer permit walls that reach the ceiling. Enter the bookshelf wall, like those pictured above. They don't reach the ceiling--typically topping out about a foot below--so they are technically considered furniture.


interactive cubes this is a really interesting idea involving these cubes which appear to have screens on the sides or projectors inside. this could give a chance for a really interesting instillation somewhere to get people interacting with the stuff they are looking at.


High Gloss Rolling Doors for My Studioffice has some info on how to accessorize your home with room dividers and privacy screens.