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Ernie, an experienced logger from rural Washington State, loses his job and is persuaded to take a job out of state as a temporary insurance adjuster in Los Angeles. Unprepared for the corruption and callousness rampant in the insurance industry, Ernie soon finds himself not only in trouble with his job, but on the top of an assassin’s hit list. Blessed with an innate intelligence, common sense, and a redneck sense of humor, Ernie will give his enemies a hilarious run for their money,

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Biden: Voter ID Laws Designed to Keep People From Voting

BIDEN: VOTER ID'S DESIGNED TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING , NOT VOTER FRAUD. ( this man is a narcissistic liar, if the majority of americans or illegal aliens believe his lies and scare tactics.....America/ freedom, personal dreams will be lost, and we will ALL loose)


Insurance Agent Erik LaChance

Just a few days after Christmas on January 1, 2014, millions of Americans lost their health insurance, & even if the one million who lost the temporary insurance to see them through while they look for a job had been left with their unemployment insurance, they would have had to pay whatever money they had on finding new health insurance. And thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, it would have happened whether GOPers went home for Christmas or not.

This was part of the cookie that I decorated for my boss' 40th anniversary in business. I baked the cookie on a cookie sheet. I covered the name of the biz. This is an insurance disaster cake. The wave in back was made out of RKTs (note to self to let it dry b/4 putting B/C on it. Lots of skewers & a dowel in there. The building was also RKTs & Alan, the truck & tree were fondant. He is holding a binder which is a temporary insurance policy. I call this cake "Hazard? What Hazard?"


Affordable Medical Insurance For Senior Citizens, Temporary insurance plan has become very popular over the the past few years as it is a cheaper .

Car window damage may be covered by your insurance. Before you call your agent, you will need to remove the broken glass and make this temporary repair.

Short term health insurance is, as the name implies, temporary health insurance, designed to fill the gaps between insurance plans. It is often used by students and people who've been laid off and awaiting a change of circumstance.

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7 Natural Disasters That Can Destroy Your Home—Are You Covered?

How you financially safeguard yourself from natural disasters can mean the difference between temporary displacement and outright bankruptcy.

"Temporary is all you're going to get with any kind of health care, except the health care I'm telling you about. That's eternal health care, and it's free... I've opted to go with eternal health care instead of blowing money on these insurance schemes.", Phil Robertson