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Temperature In Rome Italy

from SellfishCat

Old boiler: The world's first central heating system on display as 2000-year-old Pompeii villa gives rare insight into Roman life

Ancient boilers from Pompeii, the partially-buried Roman settlement near Naples in southern Italy.


If you get to Southern Italy, consider taking a boat to Ischia, near Capri, and you'll find one of the best undiscovered rest & relaxation spots on Earth -- NEGOMBO! There are over 20 natural thermal spas at various temperatures, & these are some seriously healing waters! The beach is a cove, so even during the busy season, feels secluded & special. The Roman Baths in this photo are my FAVORITE!


Terme di Saturnia, Italy. Our tips for 25 places to visit in Italy:


Rome Travel Guide: Nowhere else can you see the vitality that shaped Europe more clearly than in the historic setting of Rome. Here are the remnants of a powerful civilization that dominated the Mediterranean landscape for a thousand years. Even after its military might fell, it continued to be the seat of one of the world’s greatest religions.