This is actually the recipe off of the side of the bobs red mill teff flour bag. I made it this week and i have a new favorite grain- teff! I added chocolate chips because really... what better than chocolate and peanut butter

These gluten-free teff and peanut butter cookies are simple and make an excellent treat when you need one. You can use either brown or white teff flour for this recipe.

Super Nummy's Candied Pecan Sweet Potato Teff Muffins (dairy-free & gluten-free) -- maybe try substituting the teff flour with brown rice flour or coconut flour? Can sub some of the roasted sweet potato with 1 ripe banana.

Candied Pecan Sweet Potato Teff Muffins | Gluten Free + Dairy Free

These muffins are made with teff flour, a super nutritious little grain, and covered in crunchy maple pecans, with an almost custard-like crumb that makes them taste like sweet potato pie in a muffin.

Sweet Brown Oatmeal Bread – Gluten Free & Vegan | Tessa the Domestic Diva

Sweet Brown Oatmeal Bread - Gluten Free & Vegan

Gluten-Free Sweet Brown Oatmeal Bread (quick bread) - uses buckwheat groats (ground), GF oats, flax meal, teff flour, etc.

These gluten-free and vegan rolls are made with teff flour and ground oats. They even stay moist longer than most gluten free rolls!

Gluten-free Vegan Teff Oat Rolls

These Gluten-Free Vegan Teff Oat Rolls will change you mind about gluten-free bread. The are full of whole grains and are still soft enough to enjoy the day after you bake them!

Teff Almond Butter Cookies #glutenfree #vegan |

Teff Almond Butter Cookies (Gluten-free, Vegan)

Healthy and nutritionally packed, these teff almond butter cookies are a perfectly simple gluten-free and vegan treat.

Best Gluten Free Fudge Brownies

10 Best Gluten Free Brownie Recipes You'll Absolutely Love

The Best Gluten-free Brownies (naturally sweetened, dairy-free, and whole grain). Can also be made with whole wheat flour! BEST brownies ever.

Authentic 1-Day Ethiopian Injera: Gluten-Free 100% Teff Flat Bread - YumUniverse™

Ethiopian Injera: Teff Flatbread (Injera is traditionally made with Teff flour which is a gluten free, highly nutritious grain. It's a flat, spongy, pancake type sourdough).

Petite Allergy Treats: Gluten Free Flour Mixes

Petite Allergy Treats: Gluten Free Flour Mixes Gluten Free Whole Grain White Flour Hybrid Makes about 4 cups 2 cups brown rice flour (I use Bob's Redmill) 1 cup white rice flour cup teff flour cup tapioca starch cup potato starch