Accidental first pin, I didn't write the comment - dealt with this by admitting to her, she said she liked me too, good result from an awkward situation all told.

you just sit there and blush and be all awkward and stutter and end up saying some guy that doesn't exist or is a celebrity. then they pretend to be jealous so you apologize. then later you realize how painfully weird it made you seem kyaaahhh /

I got: Don't give up. Not just yet. I see something.. I see a light! Keep fighting baby

Should you give up on your crush?

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smurfette that is what i use to call my crush and he is a guy but he always wore blue he has blue eyes and blonde hair so yea

It's not just a teenager thing.or maybe it is and I'm just immature lol =) we had and my best friend/sister

what some people are probally thinking after this awww or my relationship is gonna end what im kinda thinking right now eww hurl spit vomit bleehh

This mean i have been in love 2 times and i am only in my teens wow am i in trouble. At least the person who falls in love with me will know that i am loyal. Not me but, I have a week or two till I find out if i'm in love, with my crush.

teenager post about your crush | We Heart It | crush, friends, and lol

When your crush is in the room and your friends start to tease you, making it totally obvious: Alright, you can shut up now!

Haha!! My crush called me a chick the other day..                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I know boys, call a girl hot-she's not a temperature. Call her cute she's not a baby. Call her Beautiful and she'll feel all of those things:)