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If Stiles Stilinski's Quotes From "Teen Wolf" Were Motivational Posters

-laughing- this part is THE best.I YELLED at the tv going NO STILES DONT YOU DARE.knowing he was going to make that poor kid throw up on the bus.but disgusting and.so incredibly evil.

Let's run away from reality and spend our time daydreaming of each other

im thinking this is actually a stiles edit but i could be majorly wrong ? << it kinda looks like the Throne music video by BMTH but I know it's not

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Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski 💗💗💗 Stiles Stilinski stilinski

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Stiles really deserves more credit than he gets because he is the only one without anything supernatural about him yet he still manages to be more helpful than anyone else in the pack and he doesn't have anything protecting him except his sarcasm