How could they disrespect the original show by bringing out this crap!!! And Robin's love for Starfire is definitely not unrequited.

I fucking hate teen titans go. I miss the old show ;

robin from teen  titans NOT TEEN TITANS GO!!! totally diff things!!! though same characters O_O

robin from teen titans NOT TEEN TITANS GO! They ruined teen titans with teen titans go!

Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go! I still miss the old show but Beast Boy will always be my favorite!!

Beast Boy

Teen Titans Go! characters include Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. Meet the team and learn more about Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network!

teen   titans   go  /  starfier | Starfire - Teen Titans Go! Wiki


Starfire is one of the only Teen Titans Go characters that i can stand. Other than Raven's multiple personalities. But the original Teen Titans will forever be the best.

Through Our Eyes by on @DeviantArt

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They really screwed it up. I'm so fu**ing tierd of this shitty show! I loved the old one and then they do this crap? I'm sorry cartoon but damn.

They really screwed it up

Being someone who absolutely LOVES Teen Titans, and has all five seasons- I'm saying Teen Titans GO! Even though it is kinda funny and very stupid, did they seriously have to do that to the original teen titans show.

I got: Robin! Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

I got: Robin! Which Teen Titan Character Are You? - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Redraw dibujitos clasicos.

Grandes 21 series de Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon y Fox Kids

Raven from teen titans by Sakimi Chan

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"Starfire Outfit with Dress" by rochellechristine on Polyvore #cosplay #teen #titans

Starfire Outfit with Dress

Teen Titans - Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin

My 3 favorite Teen Titans characters: Raven, Beast Boy, and Robin. They're probably the deepest characters in the entire show.

Robin from Teen Titans.Thinking of doing this for DCC.                                                                                                                                                      More

Coolest Halloween Teen Titans Group Costume

Teen Titans - Robin tv by on DeviantArt

I'm so proud of my creation! I really like pins that people make of characters from shows in this style so I decided to create my own with the awesome Teen Titans.

Retourn Teen Titans in Liveaction movie!

You're Starfire. Sweet and innocent, you often are underestimated by others. However, you're loyal to your friends and a lot stronger than you look. Sure, maybe you don't understand all earth customs yet, but it doesn't matter. You're a true friend and hero (also, you deserved your own story arc. Just sayin').Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Which Teen Titan Character Are You? I got Starfire!

Teen Titans on Patrol - Todd Nauck

toddnauck: “ Teen Titans on patrol! I’ll have this new, limited edition Teen Titans print available at my next two convention appearances: Long Beach Comic Con Sept 2014 and New York Comic Con.

Raven. I personally think that this should be the art style for the reboot  but no......

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