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Brixton riots - in pictures

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when the police drive up one car away, the exact time you appear + spot a hit and run was announced to you the very night bf (this time minor, why call?)..dont you just love the up the ANTE intimidation tactics? If you run, give a sneer, etc you are either shot first then questioned, or handcuffed min. if they decide not to shoot first.

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The family attorney representing a 17-year old boy who was shot and killed by a Euharlee police officer says that the boy was holding a video game controller when he was shot opening his door.

Georgia teen 'holding a Nintendo Wii controller shot by police'

Police in Georgia on Friday fatally shot a Christopher Roupe, an aspiring Marine, while serving a warrant on the boy's father. Police say the boy was holding a gun. Witnesses, however, say he was holding a video game controller.

Pictured: Boy, 17, in a coma after being shot by Utah police

Abdi Mohamed, who lives with his girlfriend and their son, moved to the States from Kenya 10 years ago. He is now fighting for his life in a Salt Lake City, Utah, hospital after being shot in the chest and stomach by police

Video shows black teen who was surrendering when shot by police

Keston Charles was 15 when he was shot three times during a foot chase in December Police fired a total of 16 rounds during the chase, and Charles is now suing the NYPD for excessive force.

Chicago pays $5 million to family of teen shot 16 times by police, but withholds video Cops fired sixteen shots into McDonald

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The 20 photographs of the week

20 Photos: Funeral Held For Teen Shot To Death By Police In Ferguson, MO

adventure time, marshall lee, marceline (btw, i've already pinned this onto my board, but i just wanted these two next to the pin of the candy prince and princess. <3)

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Memphis teen 'was running away' when shot dead by police, witnesses say

Several eyewitness accounts in investigation of shooting death of 19-year-old Darrius Stewart contradict officer Connor Schilling’s account of July incident