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Bedroom poster, Band poster, Music Poster, wall art, home decor, teen, student, A3 poster, unframed: Kitchen & Home

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who watch MTV’s show, Teen Wolf, know that Stiles Stilinski’s real name has been a mystery for a long time. Fans have been speculating online but recently, MTV dropped more clues. 2 years ago, during season 3, MTV answered this ask on tumblr, confirming that Stiles’ Mom was Polish and that his name is Polish. People think its Mienim or Meonenim or MaGenim....

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This was one of my favourites back in the day. It was SO different then...a real trendsetting show.

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MTV “Teen Moms” Who Are Making It After All

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Exactly!!! I would still watch the show just see how they could do without the insanely awesome guy ( love you Stiles!!!) Plus it's my fave show EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD !!!!!

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My first thought was: Yes, Liam learn from Mom!Stiles. He used a similar technique in Danny to get what he wished. #TeenWolf5x02

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