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Ted Strickland says Tim Kaine 'ready to be President' if necessary

Ex-Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (pictured) put his foot firmly in his mouth Monday when he announced Tim Kaine was ready to take Hillary Clinton's place, a day after her famous collapse.

New audio: Ted Strickland jokes that Scalia's death came 'at a good time' | Washington Examiner

Ted Strickland says Tim Kaine 'ready to be President' if necessary

Gaffe: Ted Strickland told an audience that Democratic VP pick Tim Kaine was 'a wonderfully prepared person to be Vice President, and to be the President if that ever became necessary'

I Tried to Live on Minimum Wage for a Week

Despite improved living standards, the poor have fallen further behind the middle class and the affluent in both consumption and income, and crucial services remain unattainable.

Pictures of the day: 31 August 2010

Cindy Huntsman pets baby zebra Savanah at her Stump Hill Farm in Massillon, Ohio, USA. Huntsman is among those fighting a deal cut by the Humane Society, Governor Ted Strickland and leading farm groups that included the promise of an exotic pet ban

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"Our nation was built by pioneers - pioneers who accepted untold risks in pursuit of freedom, not by pioneers seeking offshore profits at the expense of American workers here at home.", Ted Strickland

Outrageous Dem Senate Candidate: Scalia's Death Came at a 'Good Time'

Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland (D) has apologized after he was caught on tape saying that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death "happened at a good time." HE IS EMBARRASSING

Despite Ted Strickland remark, Tim Kaine says Hillary Clinton will soon be back on campaign trail | The Columbus Dispatch

Ken Cuccinelli slaps around liberals Steph Cutter and Ted Strickland on GOP ‘obstructionism’ by SANCHO PANZA on AUGUST 10, 2014

"I want to talk about jobs and health care and pension security and what we're going to do to stop the brain drain in Ohio and make it possible for our young people to stay here and build a life in Ohio rather than in Pennsylvania or West Virginia or God knows where.", Ted Strickland