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Ted Nugent with what looks like a Gibson early '60s thinline Byrdland with natural finish. Being crazy apparently is no barrier to being able to rock or afford good equipment.

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Ted Nugent: serial killer, pedophile, hypocrite, nut job, disgusting excuse for a human being

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Ted Nugent Draft Dodger

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Ted Nugent, Michelle Bachman, Sara Palin, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh & all "The Heads" of The Tea Party are the same. They push hate, intolerance & lies to the masses who don't have the good sense to know these people are despicable & ALL AMERICANS.

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Colbert on Obama the "draft dodger."! Don't think Dick Cheney can say the same! Colbert - brilliant as always

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DRAFT DODGERS | Dick Cheney Ted Nugent: Add George "W' to that, who hid in plain sight, and also John Wayne, who whined to the draft board that he had a wife and kids and might have broken a fingernail if he had to fight. Then he said that they ought to clear out Nam war protesters with flamethrowers. Absolute and total hypocrite like many of his generation.

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Ted Nugent, nut bag extraordinaire of the most outspoken, simple minded, bigoted idiot on this planet

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