why the actual fr*ck does buzzfeed have to take everything i love and turn it into mom memes

You Need To Hear This Crazy Conspiracy Theory That Ted Cruz Is Actually The Zodiac Killer

why the actual fr*ck does buzzfeed have to take everything i love and turn it into mom memes

Ted Cruz, another clown bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. Crazy Cruz, the liar, attacks lying in his Heritage Foundation speech. [Funny thing to say when every other word coming out of your own mouth is a lie.] http://www.politicususa.com/2015/08/02/ted-cruz-auditions-kochs-paid-whore.html

Ted Cruz's Shameful Betrayal Of Texas

Ted Cruz, born in Canada for free, brought up on free medical coverage, now on lifetime free American-taxpayer coverage, and rolling in hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed by Koch brother-funded "Lobbyist" groups.

A true republican, racist bigot.  This guy is a complete embarrassment and complete douche bag!

6 worst right-wing moments of the week — Ted Cruz’s prayers of bigotry edition

German word of the day: BACKPFEIFENGESICHT. It means "a face that begs to be slapped." Thanks Ted Cruz for helping us understand this concept.

ted cruz, Tatiana Maslany Reveals The German Word For Ted Cruz & Is Ted Cruz Really an Awful, Terrible Jerk? & Why Ted Cruz’s Facial Expression Makes Me Uneasy

When asked why climate change existed republican Ted Cruz said it was so the trees knew when to let their leaves fall off.

Climate Scientists Grade the Candidates, and Ted Cruz Flunks

Denying science equals stupidity (or ignorance.but with an education it's just stupidity.or denial).

The Ideology and History of the New Apostolic Reformation--this is the church that Ted Cruz and his father belong to.  The article explains the ideology of the church and it is an important read.  People need to be aware of this.  These people are crazy and need to be stopped.The political potential of the movement has been tapped by politicians including Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Sam Brownback, Rick Perry, and others, as well as large numbers of local and state politicians.

Strategy for Privatizing Public Schools Spelled out by Dick DeVos in 2002 Heritage Foundation Speech

Leave it to Rick Santorum to turn a moment of mourning for one of humanity's strongest individuals into a politicized and selfish rant. How pathetic

Jon Stewart facepalm…

Funny pictures about Jon Stewart facepalm. Oh, and cool pics about Jon Stewart facepalm. Also, Jon Stewart facepalm.

Ted Cruz's Presidential Eligibility  http://www.factcheck.org/2015/03/ted-cruzs-presidential-eligibility/

The GOP candidate distorts the facts on the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings and Syrian refugees.

Ted Cruz's Bad Day Gets Worse As He Gets Caught In A Massive Obamacare Lie. Bullshit purveyor. Everything he says is a lie.

12 ridiculous Ted Cruz quotes that show why the ‘proud wacko bird’ will never be president

Ted Cruz, waving American Flag.. imagine Obama EVER doing this... Definitely not, BO's hates America, besides which, he's the WORST president EVER!!!

PP: Canadian born Ted Cruz, waving an American Flag after shutting down our government & telling us that God told him to run for President. >>> well, God told Scott Walker to run and then to quit. Maybe Cruz will get the same message soon.

Bwahahahaahhahah!  Ted Cruz is so completely deluded - he's quite possibly mis-diagnosed mentally retarded.  If he wasn't such a douchnozzle I might actually pity the guy.  But if the nozzle fits...

Obama shut it down. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Ted Cruz Cracks Jokes On Gun Control Days After Charleston Shooting - He is an absolute idiot!

Ted Cruz Cracks Jokes On Gun Control Days After Charleston Shooting