Ted Cruz: Obama’s lawlessness is ‘dangerous and terrifying’...Obama is a loose fucking cannon!!! ..j

Share if you agree. I agree! Impeach this man! We all have to live by the laws of the United states of America and it's Constitution. Obama is out of line and must be stopped. For the sake of the American People and Americas future.

This guy is the most dangerous of the republican candidates..Very smart, totally willing to lie cheat and steal, because he is the anointed one, destined to rule before the end times arrive....He would bring a christian type of "sharia" to America.

Ted Cruz Isn't Crazy – He's Much Worse

Don't make the mistake that he's not intelligent. Every thing he says and does is framed in misdirection and doublespeak. - From article: "Ted Cruz does awful things by intelligent design.

Ted Cruz on Hannity defends Donald Trump, calls for prosecution of Planned Parenthood and more! » The Right Scoop -

( the obama regime Amnesty Report ) Patcnews Dec 2014 The Patriot Conservative News Tea Party Network Reports Ted Cruz is pissing off the ENTIRE U. Senate over the obama regime illegal immigration action! © All copyrights reserved By Patcnews

Ted Cruz’s Father Suggests Placing Atheists and secular humanists in ‘Camps’...this old dumb fuck is bat shit crazy...lock him up and throw away the key...along with his smirky spawn.

– Rafael Cruz, father of Texas Senator and Tea-Party favorite Ted Cruz, spoke recently against atheism and secular humanism at a gathering of an Oklahoma Second Amendment advocacy group.

(Breitbart) – Senator Ted Cruz said the City of Houston and Mayor Annise Parker have “no legal authority, no constitutional authority and no moral authority” to issue subpoenas to pastors for their sermons and personal communications. The exclusive interview below came shortly after the Senator gathered with some of the top religious leaders in Houston ...

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Ted Cruz: Congress Should Impeach Eric Holder If He Takes No Action on IRS Targeting Scandal

Ted Cruz is facing a whisper campaign of sorts in Iowa about his evangelical Christian beliefs

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Washington Post Retracts Controversial Cartoon Depicting Daughters Of Ted Cruz As ‘Trained Monkeys’

Ted Cruz’s Father Preaches That His Son Is An “Anointed King” Who Will Bring The “End Time Transfer Of Wealth”.... apparently Ted Cruz participated in an annointing ceremony back in October.  Weird..... sound familiar?  The same thing happened with Sarah Palin who was also 'annointed'.... this is craziness....

Ted Cruz's Father Preaches That His Son Is An "Anointed King" Who Will Bring The "End Time Transfer Of Wealth" - disinformation

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Ted Cruz’s Religious Liberty Advisory Council Recommends Reversing LGBT Rights Victories, Curtailing Birth Control Coverage

Ted Cruz's Father Blasts Obama's Socialist Inclinations Saying He Is Just Like Fidel Castro : Freedom Outpost

by Suzanne Hamner Ted Cruz’s Father Blasts Obama’s Socialist Inclinations Saying He Is Just Like Fidel Castro

Funniest Ted Cruz Memes: Canada's Revenge

Funniest Ted Cruz Memes

A roundup of humorous memes and captioned photos poking fun at Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz: Republicans in Washington are Scared...Calls on The People to Help Defeat Obamacare. (ObamaCare gives him ANOTHER HOLD over the American people. HIs DEATH PANEL will DECIDE if very ill or 65 & older get more tests and procedures. WHO IS PUSHING GRANNY OVER THE CLIFF NOW?)

Ted Cruz: Republicans in Washington are Scared.Calls on The People to Help Defeat Obamacare

Ted Cruz’s “terrorism” sham: Why his plan for “destroying” ISIS is ridiculous

Ted Cruz’s “terrorism” sham: Why his plan for “destroying” ISIS is ridiculous

GOP’s real Ted Cruz problem: Why party’s revenge plot is silly and self-defeating