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The fact that these are the same rules I use when interacting with large crowds of men worries me<<<this


Clash the Senses moodboard - As plans for the Olympic Games and World Cup underway, we take the grand plans of Brazil as the inspiration for this trend. With ‘Rio de Janerio’, ‘beach’ and ‘carnival’ key words as relative words, the key aims for the ‘Clash the Senses’ trend is vibrant, bold and contrasting. From Write on Trend.


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RT @wheeliedealer: Oh Lordy - BP. Shareholders may wish to look away.....There's new Mark Wahlberg film out....'Deep Water Horizon'....

James: Dies protecting Harry from Voldemort. Sirius: Dies after protecting Harry from the death eaters in the Ministry. Peter: Dies letting Harry and the others escape from the cellar while considering the life debt. Remus: Dies giving Harry more time to look for the horcruxes. Not really awesome. Actually quite sad :/


Is Softforking to Segwit Radical and Irresponsible? Segregated Witness [Segwit] is the most radical and irresponsible protocol upgrade Bitcoin has faced in its eight year history wrote the pseudonymous author Jaqen Hashghar for Medium. The push for the [Segwit] soft fork puts Bitcoin miners in a difficult and unfair position to the extent that they are pressured into enforcing a complicated and contentious change to the Bitcoin protocol without community consensus or an honest discussion…

How To Find Freelance Work With No Work Experience

How To Find Freelance Work With No Work Experience. One of the best ways to make extra money - and it can be done from home by virtually anyone.


Technical Debt Will Kill You Dead (If You Let