Giovanni and Jessie's mom

I imagine this is a young Kris who maybe just hurt her arms? I think pokemon acutely helped her then, but it's cute to imagine Rocket grunt being conforting.

fave team rocket trio things [source:] - YEEEES! All of this ^^^^^

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Team Rocket is basically perfect. New idea: Pokémon anime but just team rocket instead of ash

Give team rocket a break ppl, what if they want to be average people, and not evil! by~aardvarks on deviantART

team rocket isn't that bad by ~aardvarks on deviantART-->no wonder why they put on disguises now

Team rocket , destroying gender roles since 1997

Team rocket , destroying gender roles since 1997 <-- probably cause James really likes to crossdress

I love this except for the fact that it's Weezing, not Koffing

prepare for trouble

Team Rocket tries to get Paras to evolve by having Koffing and Arbok throw the fights and by giving it motivation.

TEAM ROCKET LEADER by on @DeviantArt (Giovanni with Dugtrio, Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Rhydon)

Giovanni Pic via I'm not a huge Pokemon guy but my girl and the skwad love it so this one is for y'all! by doom.

Here a team rocket fan! Caught that fucking pikachu Finaly!!

ash was/is an idiot whomst the fuck would have a noodle truck when you could have a noodle van