NARUTO - Kakashi, Rin & Obito

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i swear if this terrible story didn't happened with them they would be the happiest team together Team Minato - Kakashi Obito Rin

This hurts my heart... . It's still cute though... Just hurts.

Day favorite team Well this is very tricky for me. I really like team Minato but then again I like Team Kakashi. :/ so both team Minato and Kakashi are my favorite teams!

Team Minato- Obito, Rin, Kakashi.

Kakashi x Reader】 [Modern AU] : This story is based on an a… Fanfiction

Obito, kakashi and Rin <<< Don't forget the dogs! Pakkun, Bull, Bisuke, and Akino. Yes, I am that big of a Kakashi fan that I know all his dogs names.

Obito, Kakashi and Rin. Dogs are Pakkun, Bull, Bisuke, and Akino. I'm a fan of Kakashi

If the rest of team Minato had survived... I wish then Naruto would have his parents.

If only things turned out different Obito Rin Kakashi Minato & Naruto