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Percy Jackson Inspired "Team Leo" Necklace

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If you laugh through the pain, they'll never know how broken you are inside. Leo Valdez

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Funny heroes of Olympus pictures - Khione vs. leo rap battle

Leo vs. Khione in a Rap Battle <-- I hate rap, but this is too funny

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Now THERE is a devoted Team Leo fangirl i might have drawn this... IN MY DREAMS (i mean i LOVE Leo its just i draw horrible)

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I've always kinda liked Leo. I guess he's my fictional crush. This makes me want to go up to him. Not hug him, but ask him something. "Hey, have you ever had a black cow?" And then just smile ::) ~ -NLV :) Dino

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IF YOU ARE ON TEAM LEO REPIN THIS!!!!!<<<Dr.agon is part of team…

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Heroes of Olympus Fan Art Tumblr | The Heroes of Olympus Leos Many Poses get more only on

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