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Team america song

Team Cap is secretly in a band and Bucky is surprisingly a terrific singer<<<accurate of the cast as well as funny

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Do you think he saw little baby non-serumed Steve in him? Just some small kid fighting where he shouldn't be?

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It’s our time to make a move It’s our time to make amends It’s our time to break the rules Let’s b e g i n … #marvel <<What is this song? Someone comment please

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What first attracted you to the superhero Captain America? Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans FINALLY share a kiss as they film sequel

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I have a lot of favorite GIFs, but this one may beat them all.

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He's already a nightmare. You familiar with that Beyonce song, right? :-)>> ok 1) that took a turn and 2) no which Beyonce song?!

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"I want your love and I want your avenge!" -- Click through for the full gifset. #geekchic-- as a Little Monster and a geek this is the best thing ever :)

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Scarlett Johansson leaps into action as she shoots adrenaline-fuelled scenes with Chris Evans for Captain America sequel

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