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Mh interview idris elba

#rt Idris Elba - hotter than hot...especially with that accent of his! Check out Idris Elbas best films listing at

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Hmmm. Not a big stretch imagining Tyler Hoechlin as my wolf Amarok.

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I would kill to see a prequel series that has Qrow's team as the main cast. It would be awesome.

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Sorry, Gloria–We LIKE Alpha Males! (Wild Eyed Southern Celt)

imma just carry this tree... like it aint no thing... in a kilt..... this is how Lena dies. <3

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This is, this is why I love Nine. Because he was "the man" not because he considered himself better than others, but because he didn't. Because this scene wasn't him playing alpha male, it was him lightening up the situation and then congratulating Jack on a good plan. Something that Jack needed, to be taken seriously, but not as a soldier. Because they were friends.

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7 Traits of an Alpha Male -helpful, confident vain, prideful, humble, tolerant and dedicated

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Day 13: I would like to be a pokemon trainer, 1) have more freedom than I do now 2) travel the world 3) become a legend..

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