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I love this concept. I actually saw it at one of my friend's house, Audra. And I love it, just an S in there for Alex and I when we get married!

Amber BPA-Free Plastic Bottles with Black Lotion Pumps (Pack of 4)

Great tutorial and ideas for using the new spray chalky paint for transforming accessories or furniture. From Ka Styles


Necklace Holder, just a frame my dad made me painted with teal spray paint and some door knobs and hooks for the necklaces. Earring holder - Another basic frame made by dad, painted teal with spray paint and you can use either cheesecloth or cross stitch fabric for the backing. I used cross stich fabric, stapled it to the frame and taped the back edges with duck tape.


RUST-OLEUM 7729830 STOPS RUST Gloss Teal Spray Paint, 12oz For repainting a filing cabinet and a lamp base...


I made this with my roommate! It is just two packages of spoons and a mirror from the dollar tree. I also used cardboard for backing (just from cereal boxes). We used some teal spray paint from Home Depot and viola! cute little flower mirror for our living room :)


Teal chalk painted wine bottles with twine and metal flowers

Teal chalk painted wine bottles with twine and metal flowers by TwinenWineCreations on Etsy More


DIY dresser makeover! I bought a used white whicker dresser for only $50. All i has to buy was about 5 cans of teal spray paint and two cans of chalkboard spray paint for the top and it looked brand new. To finish my unique dresser i found all different nobs at World Market and Michael's Crafts and wa-la!