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A Teacup Pug (The Luxury Spot)

This looks so much like TuffGuy did! "TuffGuy" My daughter named him, spelling & all. He was too little to be "Tough," but thought he was. He was more of a "Tuft!" Slept on a small pillow.

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OH MY GOODNESS! @Angelena Zadrima I just wanna smother it with my love <3

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New Born Pug Puppies Available for Sale - Beware -

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OMG Teacup PUGS! see jenna they come in midget form like i asked!! @Jenna Nelson Nelson Nelson G

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Proof That Pugs Make Literally Everything 100 Times Better

Teacup Pug Dog i want!!!!!!!!!!!

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Teacup+Pugs | Adorable Little Love Bug Precious Micro Teacup Female Pug Available ...

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Beautiful Micro Teacup Pug Available. Expecting under 5 pounds full grown. Absolute princess heart emoticon Short legs, compact body and so perfect. Super cute and playful! Call for inquiries.

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One of the sweetest Teacup puppies you have ever seen #petphotography…

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Teacup Pug!!! i need one of these they are so cute

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