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Here’s an easy way for students to practice their spelling words. Have them draw a big scribble on their page – remind them to leave big spaces in their scribble! Using coloured pencils, they can then fill the spaces with their words.

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Here is a simple foldable, that students can make, to demonstrate compound words. You can also use this same foldable to show contractions. All you need is A4 paper, scissors, and pencils.

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Rainbow Fish community building activity We May All Be Different… | Teaching Photos

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18 Quick Telling Time to the Hour Resources

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19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

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Make sentences without the punctuation marks and kids have to decide whether it needs a question mark or period.

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Learn Place Value with Building Blocks! Use your Duplo blocks together with a dry erase marker to teach place value in a hands-on and effective way! Perfect for grade 2's!

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How to Teach Arrays - lots of really fun ideas for teaching repeated addition and rectangular arrays

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Fraction Flowers with Paper Plates

FREE Printable Fraction Flowers - what a fun way for visualize fractions (math, math activity, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 1st grade)

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