Educators' teachers, and school administrators' philosophy statements tips and help. Including a teacher or administrator philosophy statements in your education portfolio will dramatically increase interviews. It is an excellent opportunity to let your personality, passion, values, and motivators shine through, which means you are marketing the authentic YOU. We can help you with various Add to your teaching portfolio.

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Is your teaching portfolio current and organized and compiled to show your value and set you apart from other candidates? The hiring authority deciding whether or not to interview you could have several teaching portfolios in front of them.via @https://ww

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Whether you are a new teacher interviewing for a job or a veteran teacher changing teaching positions, be sure you know the answers to these questions about the policies and procedures pertaining to your job!

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A TEACHER'S GUIDE TO A ROCKIN PORTFOLIO *MODERN EDITION*This teaching portfolio was designed with teachers in mind, especially those first year teachers, to help them rock their interview and achieve their first job as a teacher! Whether you are a first year teacher, or a veteran teacher, set yourself apart with this rockin' portfolio template!This is the 2nd edition of the Rockin Teacher Portfolio.

It is the season of job hunting in education.Teachers are retiring, being promoted, changing grades in the same schools, and maybe looking to change schools.There are also new teachers trying find the

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