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Here are some fun, interactive, and creative poetry activities by Bespoke ELA to get your students hooked on poetry. This list includes 5 creative writing poetry activities as well as 5 unique poetry analysis strategies. These are great activities for introducing a poetry unit and are great ideas to integrate into poetry anthologies!

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If poetry is taught the right way, students should be cheering at the thought of a Poetry Workshop day. This blog post outlines the "why" of Poetry Workshop along with tips and tricks that I have picked up to make any poetry unit a raging success in your middle school classroom.

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Poetry Unit

How to Teach Poetry Step by Step outlines an entire poetry unit for upper elementary students from beginning to end. This webinar recording is included in Laura Candler's Poetry Unit Bundle. Teaching Poetry is easy when you have the right tools!

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Free poetry book and posters to help you students learn important terms. Great for learning centers. Haikus, Free Verse Poetry, Repetition, Lines, Stanzas, Acrostic, Diamante, Cinquain, Bio Poem, and Rhyme Schemes.

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Kicking off our poetry studies...

Love the first two days of our poetry unit...we really get to the heart of what poetry is--and how it is different than other genres. Check out what we did--and grab a freebie to try on your own!

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3 On A YA Theme: YA Set in London

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The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating

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