Learning to tell time Hands on

Learning to tell time Hands on. I'm only pinning this to remind myself that sadly, my highschoolers get to my Spanish 1 class not even knowing how to tell time on an analog clock. Makes teaching time in Spanish a real challenge.

It's About Time!

This tool is a handy arts project for students to keep at their desks. It is easy to make and effectively illustrates the relationship between minutes and hours. Since students can carry it around with them, it is an excellent tool for reinforcing number

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Teaching Time Freebies! (Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits)

Let's not live off digital clocks. This is still important to teach

Flower clock, cute way to teach telling time, but seriously, I could totally do this just because it's ADORABLE!

Telling Time Puzzles

Telling Time Puzzles (Living Life Intentionally)

Give kids the practice they need telling time with these fun, free printable telling time puzzles for kindergarten, grade, grade, and grade students.

Whoa! Perfect  way to make it active.

OUTDOOR: Paint the tops of cable reels for the clock face. Use pointers for clock hands.

Vintage Fisher Price Music Box Teaching Clock #FisherPrice

Vintage Fisher Price Music Box Teaching Clock

Shows some aging, see pictures Works.