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Days of the Raj: Huge collection of photographs depicting life in India a century ago are found in a shoebox

King George V and the Queen arrive in Delhi in 1911, where he was proclaimed Emperor


Editable Substitute Binder Forms for your sub binder or sub tub

Getting your sub binder ready is a breeze! This editable substitute binder includes 20 forms that you can type right into. The adorable cover (add your own name!), note to the sub, bell schedule, regular, alternate, and specials schedules are included. Forms included for school & staff info, classroom info, arrival & dismissal, classroom management, emergency procedures & more! An end of the day form is included. Perfect for short and long term subs! **Also part of my Ready To Go Sub


4 Popular Ashrams in gain spiritual clarity and enlightenment.... Let go the pain, and past.. Get completely to center.


Free printable paper cities--buildings, vehicles, people...even the Sydney opera house! Must include this in our "architecture" lessons!


Would you like to attending public teachings by the Dalai Lama in India and learn from his great wisdom? Go on a 10 day retreat to learn meditation and bring real change into your life? Hang out with Tibetan monks and build lasting friendships as you go? Then our ‘Tibetan Path Tour’ is the tour for you! Watch our video here for a taste of Tibetan magic to start your day nicely!


GANESHA - The Most Beloved God

A Teacher in India. (The Fount of Knowledge by Paul Garrett on 500px)


Pictures of the day: 5 September 2014

Indian school girls wear saree as they perform a Thiruvathirakali, a popular group dance ahead of the Onam festival and on Teachers' Day at a school in New Delhi. The Onam harvest festival will be celebrated mostly in India's southern state of Kerala. Picture: RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images


The Mauryan Empire Facts

Greatest extent of the Maurya dynasty under the rule of Ashoka. The empire stretched prom modern-day Afghanistan to Bangladesh.


Teacher's Day – The Significance Associated With Indian Educational System: