The Centered School Library: Sqworl for School Images. Add this to your teacher web page so students can find images for their projects!

Dance Teacher Web presents a great exercise series of exercises to develop core strength featuring Jessica Rizzo. Every month Dance Teacher Web presents …

5th Grade Science TEKS Planning Guides

The Science Penguin: Teach It: Ecosystems and Food Chains Third Grade: Being part o a group helps animals obtain food defend themselves, and cope with changes. Groups may serve different functions and vary dramatically in size.


Meet the Teacher editable letter- Make parents and students feel welcome by sending them this personalized Meet the Teacher letter before Back to School. They will love getting to know their new teacher before the school year begins.

Food Chains and Food Webs lesson comes with a list of examples of food chains and food webs. Learn all about Food Chains and Food Webs.

Teachers Guide to Create A Class Website Using The New Google Sites (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning)

Critique: Great site for teachers to help them create a class website that they can use to communicate with parents or provide other resources for students. Can fit any standard or any grade level or higher

Seven Great Activities for Charlotte's Web

Where the Magic Happens: Seven Great Activities for Charlotte's Web. STEM, craftivities, treats, reading comprehension, opinion writing.

Math Management Binder

Teachers Easy Guide to The Most Important Web Tools in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

30 Great Educational Web Tools for Librarians (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning)

A Good Infographic Featuring 30 Web Tools for Teacher Librarians ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning