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Details: -anyone can write one -It will be located on wall in cafeteria -give it to teachers at end of week -replace sticky notes with cards (tap or staple on) -from Monday to Friday July 1st-5th -sign up for lunches in powers room!!


Jaw Dropping Teachers Lounge Makeover

I took on this project in Rhode Island all about redesigning a teachers' lounge and was all like, "Let's use the color of a No. 2 pencil as the accent, and then let's do the color of chalkboard as well." And they were all like, "Dat's kool."


Cathy Fiebelkorn on

Great idea to do in the classroom with student shoutouts - Staff Shoutouts Bulletin Board - Great way to boost morale!


"Don't struggle to be a better teacher than everybody else. Simply be a better teacher than you ever thought you could be." -Robert John Meehan #InspireTeaching #TeachingQuotes


Public school :L But April Fools Day was the best in my first secondary school because they teachers (and there were about 80 of them btw) properly went for it


Teachers plant seeds that grow forever... A wonderful way to decorate and inspire a teachers lounge or as a gift for a new or favorite teacher in your life...


Teacher Quotes {for teachers}

Quotes are fun to hang in your classroom for students, but what about teachers? Teachers need some inspiration, too! These printable teacher quotes are perfect for the teacher's lounge, workroom, or in a frame on your desk!