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Over the years many have wondered how did the Third Reich get so many to follow their racist, fascist regime. you know.

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▼ Report: The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right

The connection between the Koch Brothers, whose father founded the John Birch…

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After you sign a Tea Party Patriots petition – Tea Party Patriots

FREE BOSTON TEA PARTY LAPBOOK~ Great ideas for a lapbook with printables to support your curriculum. If you like this, noodle around the site for over 100 more links to free lapbook templates and/or ideas!

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Boston, Massachusetts - Boston Tea Party Scene

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Exactly! Americans need to wake up to the true nature of this movement, which perverts the symbolism of the original Tea Party movement in order to promote the corporate agenda while rolling back public investments in regular Americans.

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Tea Party Patriots Warn Against Priebus For Chief Of Staff The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund warned against a "Washington insider"

Me too!!!!! Throw the scoundrels out and get some people that are not corrupt and who have a backbone.And who aren't owned by the Koch Bros.

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Petition Thank You – Tea Party Patriots