The lucky one amazing red dress

You had it figured out since you were in school everybody loves pretty, everybody loves overnight you look like a sixties' queen. The Lucky One Red Tour 2014

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The names Raina. Yes I'm a demon, yes I'm being hunted by Dean Winchester, yes I'm single. Anymore ridiculous questions?

Naughty or Nice: Will the Real Taylor Swift Please Stand Up?

Halloween costume idea: corset top with black fitted pants or longer skirt and boots personally. It would be stunning.

#TaylorSwift at the EMAs

song that you want to see taylor perform live: better than revenge. Also, 22 :) would be energetic and fun! (TaylorSwift at the EMAs)

I so wish I was thin enough to rock this outfit like she does! It's my favorite from the tour!

Taylor Swift: Vancouver 'Red' Tour Stop Pics!: Photo Taylor Swift raises her hands as fireworks rain down on stage during her Red tour stop in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday night (June The musician…

Saw her like two nights ago!!! AMAZING CONCERT!!!! And Ed!!!! She was the best!!!!!!! great concert!!!! I will post my pictures and videos soon!! :D (this pic is not mine but i had this same view exactly!!) -S

Its amazing how one person can get this many people to pay hundreds of dollars to watch them sing. TSwift is a awesome person