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Exactly!!!! All the people saying Taylor get's a boyfriend like every five seconds just need to be quiet!! And when us Swifties say Taylor's our role model they then say 'So you want to grow up and date a bunch of guys?' No, we want to grow up and be a beautiful and elegant person just like Taylor. So just shut up haters!


It's so true...& SO SO sad :'(( -- I know that she should get SO much more recognition for visiting with sick kids at a hospital in New York, but guys, she does it out of the goodness of her heart, & she really doesn't care if anyone knows she did it. All she cares about are those kids that she sees and talks to, and that means the world to her and the kids <3


Taylor Swift is pretty in a crop top as she enjoys a girls night out

Taylor Swift wears a blue mini skirt and a white crop top to dinner with friends


Leggy Taylor Swift hits the gym after partying with boyfriend

She spent all New Year's Eve night partying next to her DJ beau Calvin Harris at a swanky Las Vegas club. But when Taylor Swift got back to LA, she wasted no time in getting back to her normal


Taylor Swift serenades Calvin Harris during live show in Dublin

Taylor Swift serenades Calvin Harris during live show in Dublin | Daily Mail Online


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