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Minimalist in variety, but this design by Adrian Bloom uses one shrub, Cornus alba Aurea, one conifer, Taxus baccata Robusta, one grass, Hakonechloa macra and one perennial, the everblack Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens to create a scene of year round interest …….

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Taxus baccata (Yew) is another evergreen that produces bird-friendly berries. Like all of the large trees I'm considering, it requires maintenance to keep it to a usable size. The question I have with yew is that it's so typically pruned into smooth formal shapes, that I have no idea how to insert it amongst tangled bushy arching stems.

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Taxus baccata Other names: Common yew, English yew, Yew Genus: Taxus Species: T. baccata - T. baccata is a medium-sized evergreen, coniferous tree with narrow, dark green foliage. Taxus baccata is: Evergreen Flower: Yellow in Spring Foliage: Dark-green in All seasons Tree shape: Broadly conical Toxicity: Most parts, especially the seeds, are highly toxic if eaten. Awards: RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

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Thomas Leplat unterteilt den großen Garten mit Eibenhecken in interessante Ecken. I very much like the work of Thomas leplat the Belgian landscape architect & garden designer.

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In pictures: Six of Britain's oldest trees

The Ankerwycke yew There may be yew trees in Britain that are older but the 31-ft wide yew (Taxus baccata) found in the ruined priory of Ankerwycke in Berkshire has witnessed at least 2,000 years of history and myth-making. It is said to have been the spot where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 and is rumoured to be where Henry VIII conducted his first liaisons with Anne Boleyn. Many yews are found close to abbeys or in church yards.

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