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do I pin to astrology or gay space rocks

Life and death and birth and peace and war on the planet earth ~Steven universe

OH MY IM IMAGINING MY THE TROLLS IN THIS: Aradia: *blows up random planet* Tavros: "Why study when you can EAT" Sollux: "nope" Karkat: *angrily stares at work* Nepeta: "Oh hey butterfly" Kanaya: *takes out chainsaw* Terezi: *blows up another planet* Vriska: *breaks teacher's legs* Equius: "uh" Gamzee: "Hahaha. Crap this." Eridan: #1000%Done Feferi: "Psh I'm a princess"

I've never more accurately related to a Zodiac textpost. "Doesn't" -- Even though I'm a Taurus, Gemini is my ascendant soooo looks who won't study for the text yet get

I got my own back. #taurus

I got my own back. #taurus