Tauranga, New Zealand | Hahei Beach is among the most popular beaches in the southern hemisphere, with pink sand and crisp blue seas. It's also a popular destination for scuba diving and kayaking. Cruise with Royal Caribbean to Tauranga and take a trip north to Hahei Beach.

Late afternoon Winter sun drapes the landscape at Hahei Beach in New Zealand. One of my favourite places on the Coromandel Peninsula

Tauranga, New Zealand | Tauranga is known as a beautiful harbor city on the Bay of Plenty, and a quick trip outside the city lands you in the stunning Omanawa Falls, also known as "Secret Falls". Cruise with Royal Caribbean to Tauranga and start your adventure. (Photo: Talman M)

Secret Falls is found a 30 minutes drive away from Tauranga. There are excellent views of the waterfall located on the main track, Extremely difficult terrain to get to the bottom, we would not advise use of the closed track

Kaiate Falls in Welcome Bay, Tauranga, New Zealand.  Photography by AEOS Photography

Kaiate Falls in Welcome Bay, Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand.

Tauranga, New Zealand. My grandpa's family lived here, once upon a time.

Mount Maunganui (an extinct volcano) in the north island city of Tauranga (settled by the Maori in the late 13 century) in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Was independent from Tauranga until the completion of the Tauranga Harbour Bridge in

Tauranga, New Zealand.

Why You Should Visit Tauranga, New Zealand

I'd never heard of Tauranga until recently and after visiting onboard an Azamara Quest cruise I loved it! Here's why you should visit Tauranga, New Zealand.