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So this is incredibly naughty of me buttttttt .... Just gonna leave this super sneaky peek here of one of the magical pieces I made with @regalrose for our jewellery collaboration collection coming out later this month!!!! ✨❤️ shot by the incredible @danny_baldwin #neverstopcreatingnewshit

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I loved count duckula when I was a child, especially that he was a vegetarian. I rewatched every episode when I was pregnant!

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ANATOMY - Da Vinci

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Haha, check out for more! "I'm Getting Real Tired of Being Too Broke For New Tattoos."

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I want someone to seriously do this when I'm super pregnant! Who wants to do it?

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lmao i always call them free lightning tattoos omg i'm calling me and all my stretch mark sisters the daughters of thor from now on

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