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Infinity Symbol

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Wow. First, brilliant. Second, this would make a phenomenal exercise for a composition class of any sort, to demonstrate either reading between the lines, completely revising something, or the ability to shorten a piece to the bare bones

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The bravest thing I done was this and saving my families life from my abuser and rapist. Every life is worth living, and things do get better

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Here’s my third tattoo! So for the people who don’t know, this is in support of #ProjectSemicolon . Basically it’s in support of anxiety, depression, mental health et cetera and my personal/family experiences with all of the above. It’s on my wrist as a daily reminder to breathe/relax and love/stay positive and just keep on going while also trying to remind me that everyone else is going through struggles too.

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It represents the chemical symbol for Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in controlling feelings, moods and happiness. It also directly influences depression, sadness and anxiety. This tattoo would remind me that I can literally make my own happiness"

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Serotonin molecule. Would make a cool tattoo for anyone overcoming depression, since having a lack of/ being able to absorb serotonin causes depression

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52 Short Depression Quotes about Life with Images

the personal journal of forbiss; this blog includes personal artwork and writing as well as the cataloging of thoughts, expressions, and pictures which attribute to my mind and let it expand to the...

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Lotus Tattoo - Depression Symbol - Significant meaning of the lotus flower is that it that since it grows in mud it represents the rise from hardships and struggles. It also represents the transformation to beauty. The lotus flowers are the most powerful symbol of rebirth in both the East and West. It stands for beauty and strength

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10 things that rocked my world. 9.5.15

"Scars & Wings" This was written for a friend's sister, who fought cancer for many years before leaving us. She was the bravest person Ive ever known. @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

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