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Tattoo script generator

Premium Hand Drawn Script Fonts That Are Worth Every Cent!

I'm just completely in love with all hand-lettered artwork at the moment...I could stare at all of it for hours on end...particularly typographical quote posters...and wedding invites and


The Ogham script (Mainly used to write Primitive and Old Irish) has been found with runic inscriptions written in Old Norse. Click me to transliterate English to Ogham.


grean tara is used to overcome physical, mental or emotional blockages. We need to resign and let go of our clinging to a particular outcome, because to cling to a particular outcome is self-defeating, as it creates unhappiness and agitation.


All our Linux Hosting plans include PHP 5.4 & MySQL 5.5 Support. We also provide remote access and PHPMyAdmin for online database access.

No crisis.

Alarms blare across the barracks and I fall back on bed with a loud groan. Rex jumps up, grabbing his helmet. I just lie there, not really wanting to fight bloody droids. Rex stops and looks at me. He glares. "Come on- we're in the middle of a crisis." He yells, opening the door with a yank. "We can't have a crisis!" I yell, looking at Rex as I get up. "My schedule is already full!" Rex smirks a little before leaving. I grin at the space Rex stood and I press my helmet on and follow.