Floral - would love something like this on my thigh over scars

Diana Severinenko is a 21 year old Ukrainian tattoo artist whose work is simply breathtaking. Taking her inspiration from animals, flowers, and plants Diana,

Should get something like this. Of course not the same words.

scar cover/show up tattoo tattoos tattoo tat tats idea ideas inspiration ink small tiny minimalist words text arm wrist hand so please forgive what i have done you can't stay mad at the setting sun

Add a few geometric shapes to the classic arrow tattoo

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It is true that scars are the best tattoos. They remind you the hard times you managed to get over and how strong you are now. But you may still wish to make them more meaningful with a matching tattoo or cover them with a special design without spoiling its value. Quotes offer the best options to a…

30 Tattoo Designs for Your Scars

I was born 3 months early at and I had heart surgery and it left this scar wrapping around my left side. So under it I had “It has been a beautiful fight - still is” tattooed under it

Great idea for after a tummy tuck has healed...C-section cover-up- I'm not a tattoo person but hey..at least it wouldn't hurt over my csection scar since the area is completely numb!

14 Beautiful C-Section Scar Coverup Tattoos

I think this tattoo is really cool to go over my nasty drain scar on my belly, Tewsdae thinks it's gross!! I want it!!

30 Tattoo Designs for Your Scars

Zipper Around Scar tattoo. This looks so gross! Why would you draw attention to the scar? People probably barely even notice it.Unless its outlined in permanent zipper-like ink.