Misspelled Bad Grammar Tattoos: Mistakes to Regret (GALLERY)

Critical Do’s and Don’t for Your Funky New Tattoo

EXPLICIT INFORMATION: Worst Tattoos Mistakes Ever

You never expect spelling mistake on a permanent tattoo, those stick with you forever. Unfortunately, as these hilarious tattoo pictures prove, many tattoo artists did not bother doing a spell check before inking their hapless clients.

The worlds worst tattoo mistakes! Can't believe some of them are actually real!

What's worse than a bad tattoo? These mistakes are going to hurt long after the ink heals.

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19 Ugly Tattoo Mistakes: Bad Tattoo Pictures and Ideas - Beauty Riot

19 Ugly Tattoo Mistakes

What were these people inking -- er, thinking? You won't believe the bad tattoos some people actually get (and pay for!

Embarrassing tattoo mistakes prompt warning - Telegraph

Embarrassing tattoo mistakes prompt warning