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The Doctor has gained many friends, lost many friends, and earned thousands of enemies within the past year. However, there is a new danger. a new danger the Doctor will never see coming. THE WRATH OF THE TIME LORDS. {comment to join}

Doctor Who Tardis by PenelopeLovePrints - Digital watercolor artworks that are playful yet detailed.

Cupcake enthusiast and serial Netflix binger Penelopeloveprints uses her unique digital watercolor technique to express her love for Studio Ghibli animation, pop cultu.

The Doctor could tear apart reality itself, but instead decides to explore, and visit different worlds. | Elfwood Fantasy and Sci fi art

The loneliest man in the universe. To be a Time Lord is to be alone. This show is about the loneliest man in the universe. I just want to hug him all the time.

Doctor Who Backgrounds - Google Search

Doctor Who Tardis Men's T-Shirt - navy

Gain the trust of everyone around you with the "Trust Me I'm The Doctor" Doctor Who T-shirt. Made of cotton in a beautiful shade of deep heather.

Doctor who weeping angel phone wallpaper

Even tho i am absolutely terrified of weeping angels i got to admit this looks really nice

Doctor Who’s TARDIS | 11 Nerdy Comics Collages You Must See

Doctor Who's TARDIS

These awesome comic book collages by Mike Alcantara are not only only awesome, but may be something you might want hanging on your wall.

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The castle in the clouds. Probably the most amazing castle ever to have existed! I'd pick it over a mansion/castle any day!