#DoctorWho #DIY door project... for the laundry room which now serves as the #Tardis - wonder what hubs would think if he came home to THAT!

I don't remember if our new house has a door or not to the laundry room. Since it is such a huge room (hubby wants to use it an office and laundry room) if it don't have a door then we are adding one because this will be perfect!

TARDIS wardrobe! This would make me the happiest of pandas!

TARDIS BEDROOM DOOR 02 by ~TheDaleoftheDead on deviantART thats what I want two bedroom's one inside the regular one like a closet but it's just another bedroom or a door to the basement


11 Functional Homemade TARDISes

One of these days, I am going to own a purple house. (I've realized that all my favorite houses are some shade of purple). And it will have a TARDIS front door. And no one will be able to stop me because it will be MY HOUSE.

(David Tennant) 10th Doctor

Dr. Who - 10th Doctor (David Tennant ) Quote Poster

so, I started watching House M.D. on Netflix a few days ago and I realized that Sherlock and House have the same fricken door number!!!!! I saw it in Hunting episode in season 2.

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TARDIS (10th) Blue Colour Codes - Approved by BBC: Pantone: 2955C - Hex: #003B6F - RGB: 0,59,111 - CMYK: 100,55,10,48

I used this color in all of my main palettes. You can find it on Spoonflower by searching for Lonely Angel. TARDIS Blue Colour Codes - Approved by BBC: Pantone: - Hex: - RGB: - CMYK: