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Tanki On

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf. D (Sd.Kfz 171) and crew. This tank is riddled with shell impacts of all sizes and seems to be rather well!


Two Panzer VI "Tiger II" (King Tiger) with Porsche turret on flat terrain;. PK KBZ Western Command France June 1944


On 12 October 1944 the schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503 was shipped to Hungary to bolster the forces there and to support Szálasi’s ‘Arrow Cross’ movement in their coup against the government which was trying to surrender to Soviet Union. 15 October 1944, King Tiger ‘233’ on duty in the Várhegy (Castle hill) over looking Danube in Budapest.


"Swedish" King Tiger was vehicle #12 of PanzerKompanie Funklenk 316. On November 27th of 1947, the King Tiger was loaded off in Stockholm harbor. It was then being sent to the P4 regiment in Skövde.


Tiger Tank inspected by Winston Churchill back on the move

The tiger tanks were powerful tanks created by the the Germans. This heavy armoured tank was feared by the Americans and The British because of its power.