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Find out which Disney Princess are you, and which Princess you look like most. Hope you like this "play buzz" its my first one I've made so far. I will be making more play buzzes soon. Also don't forget to comment down below.

Rapunzel  Desenho em lápis branco.. liiiiiindooo!

Toned Paper Rapunzel from Tangled Print by American (California) Artist Brianna Cherry Garcia on Etsy.

We all love Disney! See which Disney Princess suits you better!

Which Disney Princess Are You?

I seriously love tangled! I love everything about this movie! I love that Mandy Moore plays Rapunzel! Little mermaid will always be my favorite but tangled is a CLOSE second! The lantern scene.

Está bela princesa com seus cabelos enormes entra em uma grande aventura com seu príncipe Finn, que está sendo procurado, será que seus enormes cabelos vai ajudar?Mas no final da tudo bem com o filme ENROLADOS.

I See the Light Tangled 8x10 Poster - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / Instant Download / Princess / Rapunzel / Flynn Rider

This will help very much with drawing rapunzel's dress!

flower-gleam-and-gloww: “Rapunzel has a very complicated costume, and good reference photos are hard to come by! I took it upon myself to put together a detailed, in depth explanation of her costume and how it works. I hope it is descriptive enough.

This is seriously how my daughter looks at everything. Rapunzel Tangled Awestriking

Tangled images Tangled Rapunzel HD wallpaper and background photos Tangled Rapunzel Wallpapers Wallpapers)

Disney inspired Tangled Rapunzel princess hair bow by BellaRayneDesigns on Etsy

Disney inspired Tangled Rapunzel princess hair bow