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Tangled Tattoo I think that this would look awesome on my calf.this is the only Disney movie that I have ever even considered getting a tattoo of I just love it so much!

Zentangle drawing is so freaking fun and easy- this is a very easy idea to get you started on Zentangle basics.

Totally Easy Zentangle

Super Easy tangle project- using a bullseye drawing to draw inside. This is a fun, easy drawing game for everybody.

This takes a lot of work if you know how to do this but if you don't..... don't even try do this!

Awesome artwork ("A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." -Osho - I just adored making this one! Is there anything better than creating galaxies? Base was done with watercolor and then I added oil pastels, and acrylic paint for the stars✨ -

Super quick and easy Zentangle Project!

Quick and Easy Tangle Drawing

Easy Zentangle Project - this is a great art project for kids or creative fix for when you don't want to draw for hours.